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Im buying a ford focus diesel td1.6 its got 98200 on the clock

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im buying a ford focus diesel td1.6 its got 98200 on the clock is this a good car to buy its 2006 full service history

I wouldnt say its a bad buy to be honest - the 1.6tdci in those around that 08 plate year is no doubt essentially based PSA 1.6hdi found in Peugeots/Citroens mpg will be better.but then risk the problems associated like turbo issues though more common on earlier variants and DPF/additive problems which some of these cars where fitted with....though the important things to be looking at is Timing Belt Replacement..if that hasnt been done then you'll need consider that at some stage probably around the mileage its on or reaching 100,000 max - so certainly enquire about that...Overall if its has good service history/mot'd then it would be worth it being 08 plate under 100,000miles isnt as common to see..other than that not a bad car really but at the same time in my opinion fitted with the 1.6tdci not the best in power unlike the 2.0tdci...I do hope this helps..If you require to ask anything further then please do before you rate
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

diesels dont have timing belts?

Hi..Who says?

If its G8DA engine then it will and small chain to link both cams at the opposite side of the cyl head..

What registration is the car?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

just need to know when i go to see iut tomoz what do i need to check on car like enging wheels discs etc just a genaral idea to see its in good oreder

Like i say..Timing belt "ask for documentation on replacement" if it hasnt been done then you need to get that done pretty much at the mileage its on / DMF noise,clutch judder when pulling off theres alot of vibration felt on the pedal and noise from the gearbox bellhousing then DMF failure is likely .so a big job expensive job to replace... Turbo leaks , essentially oil leaks on the engine - fuel leaks around the injectors seats/carbon deposits around seals need to be checked for - engine managment lights or any other warning light for that matter needs to be out...Essentially you want to be starting the car on a cold engine..and check for any unusual coloured blue or black smoke out the back when revved up..that may shows signs of turbo failure or sticking egr valve..
on test drive listen for any drivetrain noise or rumbling and ensure the gearbox does select smoothly and the clutch bite position isnt too near the top as that can show signs of clutch wear..clutch bite should fairly near the floor or before half way on the pedal before fully released... Brakes can be checked externally if it has alloys as you see the pad thickness and disc surface condition that way...Tyre tread well obviously if there is excess wear on the inner or outer tread then you maybe looking at alignment problems due to suspension wear or steering rack/balljoint issues...Check previous MOT slips for anything on advisories as that can gove a good indication of what it may need done if not aleady repaired....Ensure that EVERYTHING electrical inc central locking works in the car...might also be worth doing an HPI check on it too..there is websites you can get that done on....Does this helps further?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

yes i shall do as you instruct i am or have more info on what to look for thank youSmile

No Problem..If you need to ask anything further then just ask... Also please dont forget to leave a rating before you leave..much appreciated