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I am asking this as my stepson is almost completed on his UK

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I am asking this as my stepson is almost completed on his UK city and guilds motor mechanic course. Problem is he done his apprenteship via garage where owner has not been as pro active as he could in providing required support. And of course college have not tackled this problem with employer. Up shot is that he has passed all levels but the 6 final observations as which has to be done by end of October. His employer states does not have such work scheduled so my son is worrying. What would his options be as his boss has him at his mercy. Are there any options I could pursue even at cost to insure he gets this final observations completed as time is ticking. Like many teenagers this has only come to my attention quite late as he is quite introvert but loves his mechanics and this is his life. The college will not give me details on options as my stepson is adult but he just cant deal with this aspect as he is so stressed and feels his boss is doing this deliberately . I might add perhaps he is at fault also as he struggled with his electrics pass and that was his stress and worry at that point when perhaps he should of gained observations at that time, but he is a worryier
Hello and Welcome.
My name is ***** ***** Im happy to help/ advise.
Im sorry to hear of the issues you have there.
Really - you mention the college will not give you any details..on your options - but its either down to them - or the boss of the garage --one or the other / or even both - have to get this together to sort this out for you.. There simply is not enough time to do anything else... there just isn't..Im afraid.
What I would suggest is - for you to go -with the college first - and speak with his tutor... They surely will speak to you with him..and they surely will see the position he is in and want to help. If you go to any other than his tutor at this stage, you will lose / waste precious time speaking with ones that are not really involved - you need to speak directly with him... even first - before his boss - and then go from there. Im sure doing that will get this sorted for you - there really is no other way.
He could do other courses - seperate -such as the ATA accreditation - but he wouldn't get that done in time...and liklely that wouldn't go toward his college work / pass anyway.. but for future ref - that is a good option for him - but for now - you really do need to speak direct - with him - with his tutor to sort this out -in time for him.
Let me know how you go..and / or let me know if you need anything further on this..
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Best Rgds, MIKE
Hello again -Im just checking back with you to see if you need anything more on this . Feel free to let me know / reply and ask if you need anything else... or, if we are done, I just need you to click on the "OK ratings" for me at this point.. Thank you.. and again, you can still get back to me after doing that.Kind Rgds, MIKE.
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