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I have a 2004 2.0 dti astra van. The egr valve has been

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Hi i have a 2004 2.0 dti astra van. The egr valve has been cleaned due to the van being stuck in limp mode. I was wondering does the ecu need to be reset for it to realize it has been repaired?
What testing or codes where got prior to EGR removal?
Which EGR does it have? the round one with one vac pipe or the egr that has the two small coolant lines going to it?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi the van started going into limp mode so i had it plugged into a diagnostics tool. I was told either maf sensor which i replaced or egr valve sticking. So the egr valve has been taken apart and cleaned. It seem to rev properly after this for a few minutes but then went back into limp mode. Yes its a round egr valve with one vac pipe and two coolent pipes. The fault codes were p0100, p0380,p0105,p0110,and p0400 many thanks..
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My egr valve is the one with 2 coolent pipes not a vac pipe. Its the electrically operated one.
Have you tried clearing the codes and retest the engine to see which ones return..just incase some of these codes are historic or due to unplugging.... have you cleaned the MAP boost sensor could relate to P0105..that sits on the side of the top of the inlet cover that the rubber charge intercooler pipe fits too..try cleaning that..or take that top off and check inside that for heavy carbon build up.but id imagine you've already checked that..but if not the sensor then have a look at that...i would also check the vacuum system on that..basically the vacuum control circuit that controls the actuator you'll see one pretty obvious above the egr itself front of the engine and ensure that small lever does actuate..normally you have to use a mityvac to see if it holds vacuum incase the diaphram check those small vacuum lines, rubber elbows for cracks and T connectors just incase one of them are leaking..very common failure on all DTI's engines
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi again. Yes i have replaced the Map sensor just the other day for a new one. Also taken the pipe off the actuator by the egr valve and blow and suck on it and the lever appears to work fine. Im just wondering if another ecu reset will work now the egr valve has been cleaned. The van appears to rev properly always after we take apart the egr valve or clean the manifold but only for a few mins. And it reved up fine after it was plugged in and reset by vauxhall but also only for a few mins. Far too complex this modern stuff..
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Im thinking of purchasing a diagnostics tool so i can reset the ecu as u cant by just unplugging the battery anymore. What is the actuator near the back left of the engine which seems to control the turbo and the one on the right near the battery? Could these be faulty?
the ecu doesnt normally have to be reset when removing the egr valve "both vac operated or electrical like you have" - Unless the egr itself is at fault electronic side not to uncommon either,if you had spare then you could test that..maybe trawl through a local breakers and see if that rules out a faulty valve rather then it just the actuator works ..dont blow through the line as it only works under normally just suck on the line then blank it off and see if the actuator lever holds normally you can do that without mityvac...personally speaking if another valve doesnt work..then it sounding pretty much like boost pressure fault.maybe leak somewhere..have seen a few manifolds with cracks in not sure if you ruled that out or not..or you have wiring issue..or you'll need to get it on either op-com/tech2 Tech 2 with someone who know's how to use it.Then follow the test plan on vauxhall TIS.aswell as the VAC reading around the system.basically you need to see what the live data is showing...
I dont recall the 2.0dti having a turbo actuator? i do know the 2.2dti is a variable vain turbo that has an vacuum actuator combined on the turbo itself..basically you need to the same vac test to check all those actuators do hold vacuum..
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes im thinking the egr is at fault electronic side.. first think i done was purchase the wrong one of ebay and install that. Little did i know there is 3 different types for my engine. Also i think there is different engine variations within the same year 2004 for my van as this is the change over year.. is my engine the y20dth? 100bhp
I can check the engine you have..whats the full registration number?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
That would be great its RO04vfc
Yeah there's 4 types of engine code X20DTH, X20DTL, Y20DTH, Y20DTL -
But yours seems to come back as the Y20DTH - Diesel 1995CC - 74 KW - 101 CC
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