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I have a leon ref 2lt tdi had new disks & pads fitted shortly

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Hi I have a leon ref 2lt tdi had new disks & pads fitted shortly after I started to get noise similar to a flat tyre after about 10 mph upwards. I have done over 1000 miles & it has not got any worse so I ruled out bearings the noise seems to come from rear passenger wheel any advise please thank you
What year is the car?
Have you noticed any excess heat radiating from that wheel compared to the rest?
Does the noise stop when moving and you gently apply the brake or too the handbrake partically?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
year is 06 no no
id probably suggest at least to rule out a tyre issue would be to swap it over with the other side..and see if that changes anything.too when that tyre is off the ground stamp hard on the brakes a few times,then esnure with the brake off the wheel does spin and isnt binding..the next logical step would be to inspect the installation of the pads/dics aswell as the caliper/retaining bolts are tight aswell as too the caliper carrier mounting bolts are normally a straight forward job to replace these but its always best to ensure...I wouldnt actually rule out a bearing issue just yet until its actually been pyhsically checked - mileage would nessesarily have any factor in it as it depends on the how exactly the bearings may not show any play or movement but it may actually run rough when can check that by removing the disc from the hub..and then spin and listen or feel for any roughness in the bearing itself..maybe during replacement of the disc if the old disc was siezed and a hammer was used to knock it off might of had a knock on effect with the bearing itself and only nocticed until such the car was driven..its certainly something thats need to be checked aswell as all the rest above..
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