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I have a 2004 Leon SE TDI 130 and have a couple of issues

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Hi, I have a 2004 Leon SE TDI 130 and have a couple of issues and considering whether it is worth spending out to get them fixed or decide its time to call it a day and scrap it. One issue is the passenger door not unlocking either from the key remote or the internal release. Secondly and certainly more important is worsening noise from the gearbox, still engages each ok without problem but when driving in any gear sounds really bad, difficult to describe but I suppose best described as a grinding sound, expect the only option would be a recon gearbox. Given the mileage is 177,000 expect not really worth spending out ?
I suppose it really depends on the overall condition of the car besides the problems it has and how long it has till next mot..and what you've already spent out on it already as far as repairs goes - givin the mileage it has along with the gearbox issue as far as you can tell..but its really something that has to be listened too mechanics perspective to see if that the case or not and your not looking at something else ie:- wheel bearing fault,simpley lack of gearbox oil instead for example..
If the gearbox is the cause then you are best of with a reconditioned one or even one from a breakers maybe off a lower mileage example as long as it checked out..But of course this means not only the gearbox would be advised at least at looking in to getting the clutch done at the same time before fitting in the replacement gearbox.The cost will add up...
The Door issue its likely the lock mechanisim on that the only way to verify that is to get the door card off and inspect it....
In my opinion it is possible to repair if the moneys there..but at the same time you'll know yourself once you come to sell it on and done all the above repairs - then obviously the mileage and the age is against it,but then any buyer will know the gearbox and clutch has been done so that could be in its favour a bit as well as if it has good service history..if you scrap it then you will only get what the current scrap value is which isnt very much at the moment..its really a decisison i cant make for you to scrap it or repair it..but if it where me and any customer of mine had the same issue..then id give them after inspection "which is something you may want to get done locally" a detail overall cost to get it repaired based over the current value of the car itself as it stands if it didnt have these problems..then you'll see whether its worth it or not.....I do hope this helps..if you require to ask anything further then just ask before you rate
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Robert, thanks for your reply. Had an MOT done last month the garage did report to me the noise & oil leak from the gearbox. Having looked at the price I could get if the car was in good order i.e circa £1000 then getting the two issues sorted likely to cost me about that amount, assuming a recon gearbox is about £700 fitted but with the extra for a new clutch then maybe not worth it. Appreciate needs a mechanic to actually investigate properly and give me an estimate, so will try a local garage that I have used before and see what they say. I think I know the end is near but had this car since new so want to be sure before deciding to scrap.
Yeah thats about the best thing to do advice wise is to get estimates based on what they find.the door lock id say wouldnt be top of list at the moment - but the gearbox will be the deciding factor on wether to fix or scrap.the gearbox oil leak/noise you mention certainly seems to point to that being at fault..its just case again of getting quotes - aswell as finding out if a breakers has one with lower mileage which would make getting another gearbox a little bit cheaper as you can normally get gearboxes from breakers in the region of £150-£200 maybe cheaper but obviously no guarantee on it..certainly something to look into or discuss with your garage about...I do hope this helps further...please dont forget to rate one of the answers above most appreciated.....
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
ok thanks Robert, option of gearbox from a breakers might make it worth doing, cheers.