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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
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I have a 2002 Fiat Stilo Abarth. Its a 20 valve straight 5

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I have a 2002 Fiat Stilo Abarth. Its a 20 valve straight 5 engine. The Belt system is made up of cam, alternator and ac pulleys which are driven by a stretchy belt with an automatic tensioner. I had been noticing a loud whining noise coming from the belts
and i assumed it was a pulley on either the Alt or AC or even the tensioner so i purchased some belt silencer spray, which seemed to work. After driving about 15 minutes last night on the highway in 5th gear around 70mph (2500rpm) the car stopped running a
message popped up on the dash saying engine system control failure and i coasted onto the hard shoulder. I could hear several horrible noises that sounding like grinding and banging, it was not pleasant. I opened the engine cover and noticed that the timing
belt was loose and hanging from the cam and crank it was not tight. The water pump also appeared to be dislodged. I did not attempt to start the vehicle again and had it recovered home. I am wondering if any mechanics have any idea as to what has occurred
and what kind of damage I am looking at. Thanks in Advance for your help.
the cam belt should be behind a plastic cover? and teh alternator and AC pump are driven off a seperate belt on the outside of this cover
from the description it sounds like this cover isn't fitted ? so its possible something has gotten between the belt and pulleys and thrown the belt off
and if the cambelt has come off then its almost certain that valves have touched pistons and the engine will be badly damaged
if this is the case then the cylinder head will have to come off for repair / new valves and often its more economic to source a good used engine and replace the whole unit
sorry its not better news
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yeah i was worried that was the case, the cambelt cover was cracked and damaged upon inspection and the water pump dislodged. I will remove the head then and inspect the valves, my guess is with a 20 valve engine a substantial amount will be damaged. Thanks for your help.
OK if the belt has jumped off badly enough to crack the cover then I'd also check the water pump mounting isn't cracked as it sounds like something has broken rather than worked loose