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My 3ltre 1999 trooper started to run hot ,topped up the rad

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my 3ltre 1999 trooper started to run hot ,topped up the rad but after 60 miles or more I had to top up again ,I took the vehicle to a friend ,he was an IM mechanic ,he fitted a new rad as he found the old one was on thewayout he also fitted anew timing belt andfan belt exetera,the car runs very well and does,nt run hot but after a100 mile trip yesturday ,I had to top up the rad with a pint of coolant,there is nosign of water in theengie oil nor is there any sign of water or steam from the exhaust or any visible leaks in the engine bay,any suggestions many thanks, buccaneer
Normally with any type of coolant loss - it can only be lost either internally/burnt off under combustion or leaks externally depending on the severity of the leak,aswell as if the leak say only appears under hot engine condition when things expand - if a full inspection of the radiator cap for sealing is ok.. the coolant system circuit hoses and solid pipe work is free of leaks - housing to the engine including thermostat and water pump gasket seals are dry - the radiator can be ruled out if been replaced - the heater matrix itself for leaks all has to be taken into say at least from here is to get the coolant system pressure tested,that would normally be the best way forward on this one if coolant is being lost see if it actually holds pressure or not..if the guage on the pressure tester drops.below the desired PSI printed on the rad cap which you add pressure to system upto..then you have leak,pressure drop..and may actually highlight or force the leak to appear even..if there is one...but as above a coolant system pressure test would e one of the test id say would be best to get carried out and see what highlights..
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