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There! I have a mini Highgate r57 auto conv but it is

Customer Question

Hi there!
I have a mini Highgate r57 auto conv but it is very low and where I live the roads are rough and sometimes I need to park in a field.
How do I raise up the suspension or are there special "pump up" shock absorbers I can fit?
Many thanks!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Car
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
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Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.
There wouldnt really be any sort of suspension strut that you could pump up..unless you go to huge expense in the thousands fitting a air suspension kit.. you can get coil over suspension kits for front and back..but really anyone who buys those tend to want the car even lower and the springs tend to be slightly shorter than standard anyway,but they are adjustable and cheap to buy - But these cars are known to be quite low the MINI like you have and its slightly older R range always had a low stance..its just the way the cars are manufactured for ride and stability -
The only other option id say you have to at least heighten it to a to fit a lift kit or spacers if you like on the top mounts..there is website's "listed below to copy and paste" that may cater for that and maybe well worth enquiring with them about it in regards to "suspension lifts kits" for the R57 and costs..obviously once you get them you will have to get garage to fit them..
But firstly it might be worth just to have your suspension inspected just incase there isnt actually an issue or wear causing the car to be any lower than it should be for example like broken springs/ worn shocks etc.I do hope this helps