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Reference Rover 200 1.4 16 valve petrol engine.....How could

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Reference Rover 200 1.4 16 valve petrol engine.....How could I judge if the cylinder head is cracked ?
How do you mean engine wouldnt turn over..just slow turning or just locking and the starter turning then jamming?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
When the key was turned it seemed to me as if the starter motor was jammed, the engine did not turn over at all.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Coming back to my original question about the condition of the cylinder head. I have checked the coolant container and it is almost empty. I can see no hose leaks so I am wondering if the coolant is leaking into a bore and the liquid is then 'hydro locking the piston thus preventing thew engine from turning over. Shoud the mobile mechanic have spotted a crack and told me about it?
Only way to know if the engines "hydro locked" is to remove the spark plugs/remove the king lead from coil/did cap or disconnect coils and then see if the engine turns over without the sparkplug in..if it shoots a whole load of coolant out the sparkplug tubes..then thats where your coolants gone..normally it may seep into the sump itself so maybe check the oil level too if thats too high.....One thing to try is to see if the engine turns over by hand via the crank pulley so you need a socket/half inch bar and then see if you can turn the engine over manually clockwise..if you still get the engine locking up then something serious has happened..mechanical - either as above the cylinders are full of coolant or your timing belt or timing has shifted causing valve/piston contact..or too much has been skimmed off the head,so clearance between the top of the pistons and the valves/cylinder head is to close..wrong headgasket fitted...
As for possible cranked head - Depends on the severity of the crack and how much the cylinder head was exposed to severe overheating which normally results in warping then leading the cracks - plus a crack in a cylinder head could be so fine,you wouldnt see it by eye - and only causes problems when the engine's up to certain temperature or pressure or you loose cylinder pressure or causes cross contamination with fluids or fluids to seep into the cylinders...thats why normally a cylinder head is pressure tested which i asume would of been carried out when it was being skimmed by the company that did the should ask about that and should be detailed in invoice the mechanic got from the machining company to say what was done how much was taken off and tested etc - if it was found to be cracked..then the cylinder head is scrap..and would require it to be replaced....
Because you mention the total loss in coolant..then as you'll know yourself it can only go 2 ways either externally leaking or internally..either way..a pressure test / cylinder compression test / leak down test may need to be carried out..I think from here in my opinion..because you've obviously paid out substantial amount in costs to replace the headgasket and it hasnt really rectified the issue.then really in theory you mobile mechanic should be on this to determine whats gone wrong....
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