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I have a reliant robin slx 1999 model with the new shape, I

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I have a reliant robin slx 1999 model with the new shape, I have recently had to have another engine put in which is a good one and all other parts are new including carburettor and distributor and new coil, I now have problems with the car not having enough fuel to keep the car going there is plenty of fuel in the tank and it is not over full, the car at the moment is in to be repaired,what could cause the lack of fuel getting to the engine, can you tell me if a SU Carb should have oil in it.
Thank you
Gail **********
Hi there..
The SU with damper should have a light damper specific oil or light machine oil an be filled to a level just below the top of the hollow piston rod, so when the damper is fitted it does not displace the oil thats filled any higher than the top of the piston - so dont overfill or you'll get a ton of white smoke out the back when it runs - as for lack of fuel reaching the engine...a few things need to be checked firstly check the inline filter if there is one and ensure that hasnt clogged up as that could restrict fuel reaching the engine - fuel pump is working being mechanical run of cam.they could check thats supplying enough fuel..i guess they would need to check that fuel is actually reaching the float bowl so the pump and the inline filter would be one of the checks aswell as of course any problems with the fuel lines itself from the fuel tank up - if i recall there should be a feed pipe and then a return pipe on float obviously checking fuel is getting to the carb and filling the float bowl would be one of the checks as above..of course if they can they can they could send fuel directly into the float bowl via the inlet pipe and then see if it runs..if it does then you know the problems the supply upto the carb..if it doesnt run then somethings clearly either wrong with the set up of the carb or the loss of ignition spark or issue with the engine itself..I do hope this helps
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