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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
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My suzuki 125 ER 1981 was running fine, crank seals renewed

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Hi, My suzuki 125 ER 1981 was running fine, crank seals renewed and ignition spot on, new plug ,lead and cap.great blue spark.
# ***** starts and run perfect drives with plenty power then suddenly stops. she will restart straight away on the kick just to stop again a couple of hundred yards down the road.
Idling is ok and revs up perfect with good power, it looks like fuel starvation but carb has been cleaned thoroughly, fuels ways are free, could the float stick? or whatelse?
Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom and cheers ***** ***** very wet Ireland.
Hello I'd say to 1st check the amount of fuel in the carb float chamber/s as it should be about 2/3rds full when you've just stopped the engineyou can adjust the level by bending the tab on the back of the float - bear in mind too much is as bad as too littletheif this is OK then I'd consider replacing the ignition coil with a new part
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your answer Matt , the float level was done on the bench and seemed ok.
I will get a coil as soon as my local braker reopens the 5th of january and try that.
you are probably right on that.
Thanks and cheers ***** ***** fludded ireland.