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I have a Ford Fiesta 1.4 petrol. It was serviced and Mot'd

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I have a Ford Fiesta 1.4 petrol. It was serviced and Mot'd beg of the month. Since getting it back I have noticed the following has occurred intermittently, but all occur concurrently when it does happen :
ticking noise coming from engine, noticeable when idling or stopped, slight whirring noise when driving, barely noticeable
slight juddering when up to and above 50mph, slow uphill
no pulling power accelerating
at one point I thought the front passenger wheel was exceptionally hot
and finally mpg has gone down to around 33mpg from usual 38ish despite longer journeys which usually return a better mpg. I want to go back to the garage it was serviced, as it was running sweetly when it went in and don't want to be completely naïve when I approach them if it may be something that's been missed...any thoughts welcome!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Also got the Co2 sensor done over the summer, work done in the service and Mot in Dec was :
"Full service: Oil & Oil filter, air filter, spark plugs
Top up all levels
Supply and fit both front brake pipes, supply and fit front brake calliper, bleed braking system
Supply and fit front wiper blades
Check for coolant leak - trace to slight weep from thermostat housing. Supply and fit K Seal
Secure exhaust bracket and remove heat shield"
Hello this sounds like the new brakes are binding up to me I'd strip the calipers down again and check that the pads are in square and true with no debris in the mounting slots, also inspect the caliper mounting faces for any dents, burrs, or debris which would cause them to be bolted up out of true, also remove the disc and do the same for its mounting face on the upright and inside the disc. If you still have an issue then it could be a flexible brake line has partially collapsed and is producing a one way valve, this can't always be seen from the outside but you can test to see if there's any residual pressure in that caliper by cracking off the bleed nipple after stamping on the brake a few times Another possibliity is that one caliper is sticking slightly so the piston isn't retracting on its seals in which case that caliper will need rebuilding with new seals or replacing One other thing to try is to remove the master cylinder again and have your assistant push down on the brake pedal to expose the pushrod as it exits the servo on the end of the pushrod there should be a little adjustment nut try screwing this in a turn or two and put it all back together this adjustment takes out free play at the pedal so its better to have a little bit of play rather than too tight
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi Matt
Thanks, ***** ***** account for the lack of acceleration power?
yes sticking brakes will increase fuel consumption and reduce acceleration , just as if you had 1 foot on the brake pedal at all times
do you still need help?
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I took it back to garage.replaced caliper. Yes you were spot on. Thank you