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The turbo charger has broken down on my diesel alfa159. The

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the turbo charger has broken down on my diesel alfa159. The car seems to drive reasonable y well with out the turbo. Is it ok not to replace it?
Hi..there apologies for the delay
Depends on how the turbos actually failed..investigations would likely need to be made to verify that either way...if the oil seals have failed..then its certainly not wise to drive the car as it is you could result in a "run away" engine which means the engine will just run a very high rpm using all its oil..until is basically destroys itself . it could also create alot of blue smoke out the back so that would be wise ither - if the turbo variable vanes are stuck..then you can still drive it to a degree..but you wont get any boost from the engine so it will be low on power coupled with the fact the ecu may pick up on boost pressure fault,plus you may get alot of black smoke under power - If the turbo vanes/shaft has broken..then again its not wise to continue using the car as you could result in fragments of turbo internals parts working in to the intake system..which could damage the engine..Because we dont know the "actual" fail thats occurred on your turbo..the end result is advised to fit a new turbo or reconditioned one along with new feed & return oil lines...if the variable vanes are stuck internally..then they can be freed up or even if the turbo wastegate is stuck then again its be freed off..depending on the type of failure of course..I do hope this helps
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