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Peugeot 56 1.6 cc gt. Warning signal check engin oil. Plus

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Peugeot 56 1.6 cc gt. Warning signal check engin oil. Plus new signal red triangle stop oil. Had oil level checked and oil filter changes ok for a few days but warnings now back. Checked oil level ok. Will need a change of oil looks quite grubby. Engin and oil temp ok. Just notice at set of lights blueish smoke? Wafting from the exhaust. What's wrong is it going to be expensive to fix
Blue smoke from exhaust can be sign the engines actually burning oil - and thus could maybe be the reason why the warnings are coming up maybe due to oil pressure issue.picked up by the oil pressure switch - there could several faults including a faulty switch that would cause that from a faulty headgasket "check coolant tank too" - failing oil valve stem seals to a cracked piston oil control/rings - a problem on the PCV system so it would be difficult to pin it to one say it would certainly be worth at least getting an oil pressure test done on the engine..and what that shows up..they may also wont to check the spark plug condition as these can give an idea of which cylinder might be burning the oil aswell a compression test whilst there at at this stage at least its going to have be a few tests and checks done before anything like costs to to fix can be givin..if all seems to be ok above and the oil psi / all 4 cylinder compression is within manufacturer spec..then id maybe look at the what type of oil is being put in aswell as the type of oil filter being fitted..I do hope this helps
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you. That helpful. Just to add there does not see to be any oil under the car and I'm not happy with the fuel consumption seems high to me. Don't know if this info is significant
No if the leak is internal rather than external..then the problem would be the same..but instead the oil could be drawn in on induction an burning off under combustion cycle..hence the blue smoke..fuel consumption fault should really cause oil pressure fault..unless any oil unburnt is fouling the plugs or the oxygen sensors on the oxygen sensor primarily sense exhaust gases to alter fuel trims...but like i say above best to get a oil pressure test done and the other test i mentioned to ensure the engine mechanically is ok and the oil psi is to spec
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you I'll take to a garage asap.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Robert, just thought I'd give you an update. I had the compression test done and it's at the very low end of ok. The garage are updating the cars computer, flushing the engine, changing the oil and the oil filter to a modified one. Cost £250. I took it to a French car specialist for peace of mind. They informed me that the engine on the 207 does not last long so I think I've made a big mistake buy this car. Hopefully I'll get some use out of it and maybe trade it in at some point and cut my losses.