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Have you had any problems related to the central locking/key fobs or doors. or the Alarm going off when it shouldnt etc?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
is ok with ign off shows miles left radio stn time temp turn ign on shows safeguard
Ok..well the warning is pretty much a "antitheft system malfunction" - thats why i asked about those key areas above - in that view the problems will be kore dfficult to trace on a DIY bases sadly - but of course ensure the rear lights all do work i say that because there a sam control module unit powers the rear bulbs and other functions which can also include the ultrasonic sensors in which they can also be common fault on them..those sensors are the ones you notice on the front roof mounted interior light unit at the'll note the two sensors faces towards the back..have someone in the car and activate the alram system and then see if the movement in the car sets it off..if not then the problem might be bad sensors..but like i mention above its difficult system to inspect on a diy bases without actually getting it on the TECH2 diagnostic to test and retrive the specific fault codes as a ordinary fault code reader wont work..but going by experiance of those - id say it a throw up of bad ultrasonic sensors/ the battery pack in the siren itself going bad or the sam control module is faulty..but either way its going to have to be plugged in diagnostically with vauxhall TECH2 to even get any further forward..I do hope this helps
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