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Had new self adjusters fitted on back brakes. brakes are really

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had new self adjusters fitted on back brakes. brakes are really tight like i am dragging the back wheels they get incredibly hot, then i loose brake pressure and have to pump the brakes to stop,(dangerous), if left to cool the brakes return to normal function. the mechanic has striped down adjusted etc three times,he cant find a problem, anyone got any ideas?
its a nissan terrano 1996, its got 52000 on clock ex coastgaurd. 2.7 td
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Hi .
Okay you need to slacken off the automatic brake adjusters, they have been set up way to tight .
Take the car back to the shop that did the job and have them readjust the auto adjusters .
When the adjusters are set up to tight the brake fluid will get to hot and cause you the brake pedal pressure to go as the fluid is up to boiling temp when the fluid cools down pedal pressure will return .
Don't worry this happens all the time when the adjusters are set up to tight . tell them to back off the adjusters ..
They should not charge you for doing this it was there mistake ..
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Kind regards Greg.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
they have done that each time. however, it happens agian and again, and still no joy, they only thing i could think was that he adjusted the auto adjuster when cool, although i would not expect him to do it when hot, could that set them up wrong, i would appreciate your thoughts.
Incorrectly installed adjuster , warn out drum out of limits ..
If the adjuster is fitted to max and then clicked back 8 clicks then this should not happen .
If they back off only 3 to 5 clicks then when the brakes get warm the
system expands and start to rub causing friction and this causes heat
making the situation worst and heating up the fluid and causing brake pedal travel.
No need to adjust when hot .
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
ok thanks . i will look to renew drums and rear pads then have them re do the adjuster, thanks for your advice. jim
Thank you Jim .Still having problem you are free to get back to me anytime within this thread . Kindest regards Greg