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My car has been standing idle months. Is there any reason

Customer Question

My car has been standing idle for 3 months. Is there any reason I cannot simply get in it and start the engine in the normal way? The reason I ask is that over time I know that the cylinder walls dry out and I wonder if it may need special treatment first
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.
I shouldnt see why not..3 months isnt really that long - but your battery may well be low so you would need to either remove that and charge it up on trickle charger before reinstalling and trying to start.. if its a petrol the fuel maybe a little stale you can get additives to add to the tnak to help with that..unless you may want to get that fuel tank drained by a professional and dispose of it correctly .and then add fresh fuel to the tank...your tyres would also need to be looked at for flat spots - aswell as your brakes cleaned up a freed there will be alot of surface corrosion on the discs etc due to the car sitting for a period of time...Best to get proper mechanic to look the car over first before driving it id say..