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New VW Beetle 2002. ESP lamp came on while driving. Had

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New VW Beetle 2002. ESP lamp came on while driving. Had to carry on using the car, nothing out of the ordinary noticed on performance. Few days later ABS lamp came on and ESP started flashing. ESP then went off leaving just the ABS lamp on. Now the ABS lamp has gone off 2 days ago. The car drives the same as it always has. `spoke to local garage and he wants me to pay in excess of £1000 to investigate and fix what he "thinks" may be a sensor fault.
I wouldnt go throw that kind of money based on an asumption of it being a sensor could any number of things from either fault traget pulse ring which is if i recall part of the wheel bearing or even a abs module fault aswell as posible sensor or build up of corrosion in the airgap betwwen the sensor and the pulse shouldnt cost that anyway to investigate such a fault to be honest - normally what is done is the car is plugged into a diagnsotic scanner and the live data is then monitored or recorded whilst the car is driven to catch the fault when it occurrs or what side or wheel sensor is at fault or showing as faulty or when the abs acts up or the warning comes on..considering that the warnings are no longer on..but there may well be history codes maybe - i doubt at this point there would be anyway to determine where the fault is without the fault happening and present if you see where im coming from...If i was to advise id jsut use the car as it now..and if the fault does reappear at some point go elsewhere for a better quote on investigation/diagnoses of the fault..I do hope this helps
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