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My astra 1.4 oil pressure light came on than a second

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My astra 1.4 oil pressure light came on for less than a second a few days ago. Driving home tonight it then flashed on and off intermittently for less than a second around 3 times. I pulled over checked oil and it was very low. Bought oil and put 1.5 lites in and drove the rest of the way home. On this part of the journey the engine was making a ticking, almost bird like sound but no pressure light. When I pulled up there was a small amount of smoke coming from the engine. Does this all point to engine damage?
Hi..there.. What sort of mileage is on the car and whats its service history like? From which area does this smoke seem to come from? Have you noticed any leaks on the engine or under the car recently or any excess smoke out the back tail pipe..considering you've had to top up?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The car has 113k on the clock. No visible oil leaks. Last serviced in September (only bought in December) But had sight of receipt and doesn't appear to be an oil change just filter change. No smoke from exhaust. Smoke came from engine bay today. There is mayo under the cap but no coolant loss. Oil pressure sensor changed 30k ago along with cooling hose.
Hi..there.. Im afraid to say its certainly sounds going by what you have said and listed there - there could be major problem with that engine or one thats cropping up - its certainly sounds like the previous owners/garage have been trying to solve this problem.especially so with the oil pressure switch.and filter so someone has been having the same issue as you've had..and only by topping the oil up its maybe masking that fault.. which puzzles me why the oil itself wasnt replaced..the mileage doesnt help either in all honest..the coolant hose is a mystery unless its been ruptured and maybe cause the engine to overheat previously which in that case - there small chance the headgasket could be going....If it we're me . id be inpsecting for oil aswell as coolant leaks at least if that smoke is actually from an oil leak itself..if its the engine roasting hot due to excess friction by or due to lack of oil circulation then sadly the damage could already be done and its decision time as to keep the car and put another engine in or cut your losses = having said that if prefered id say at least maybe get the oil and filter done again.pull the sparkplugs out and see what they look like if this engines actually burning oil or not..ask the garage to do a proper oil pressure test- this tells them if the oil pumps actually working properly or not..normally when they go faulty the pumps..they can cause the oil light to flicker or go out once the revs are up but come back on again when at can also cause the top end/cams to run dry and create alot of top end noise then result in the engine locking up.but they would need to rule out any blockage within the pickupstrainer in the sump...The mayo substance alot of the time with bad servicing or negleted servicing can cause that.a small amount like a build of condenstation under the cap...if its not loosing coolant..then that maybe likely what it is..but like i say above there's a few things that could be done check wise..
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Robert, thank you for your detailed reply. It sounds like I've bought a lemon! Not great news but I will take it to the garage tomorrow and ring the bell of fate on her. Thanks again!