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Eep grand cherokeee 2003 2.7 crd (Mileage 66,000 ) About a

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eep grand cherokeee 2003 2.7 crd (Mileage 66,000 )
About a week baack the engine from cold seemed very spluttery to start.
Then noticed malfunction indictor light on, went off after a short run (TEN MINS) Since then comes and goes.So taken to my local garage for a diagnostic and these codes came back.
p0620 -alternator field control circuit
p0700- transmission control system
p0702 -transmission control system electrical
p0703 - brake switch circuit
p0190- fuel pressure sensor
Any thoughts for the next step?
Hi my name is***** am a diagnostic technician and look forward to working with you.Having looked through the list of codes that were found, only one of them will have any relevance to the symptoms you describe. The first four codes are often caused by momentary glitches or electrical spikes/voltage drops. At this point unless you have other faults relating to the charging system, transmission or brake light switch I would ignore these codes. P0190 is most likely the code we are looking for. This is specifically pointing towards the fuel rail pressure sensor electrical circuits rather than the physical pressure at the rail. At this point you should start by clearing all of the fault codes in the ECU and continue to use the car. Once the fault re-occurs and the engine management light comes back on, the car should then be re-scanned to ensure this same fault code returns, although due to this being the only relevant code this is not vital and it is fairly safe to assume the fuel rail pressure sensor circuit is causing the problem.Ultimately there are three possible causes of the fault. Faulty sensor, faulty wiring/connectors or a faulty engine control unit. Checking the basics such as the wiring and connector to the sensor is a good first step, check the pins closely for signs of green or corrosion. If this all look OK, I would go straight in for a new fuel rail pressure sensor. It is a common fault on these engines and there is no reason to suspect the engine control unit is at fault. A faulty fuel pressure sensor will cause loss of rail pressure signal, this will prevent the fuel pump from providing sufficient pressure to the fuel rail effectively giving unstable running and fuel starvation. Please feel free to ask if you have any further questions, if your happy with my answer please don't forget to provide a rating, thanks, Ross.
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