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We have a 2004 continental gt. Red oil light- oil pressure

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We have a 2004 continental gt. Red oil light- oil pressure stop vehicle keeps coming on intermittently whilst driving.
I've fitted a mechanical pressure gauge to the banjo fitting at the oil filter housing and am seeing 50-60 psi allthe time even when red light is on.
Where is the location of the sender unit for this warning light please.
Hello theres' no sensor just a pressure switch on the top of the oil filter housing if you look on the front of the engine at the bottom to locate the oil filter cover and then look directly above thatthis will have to be tackled from underneath
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Immediately above the oil filter housing is an intercooler pipe and the alternator. I can't see a pressure switch yet.
I have removed the filter housing but still no joy. Where is it hiding?!
Hello it should be on the top of the metal part of the filter housingif you look on page 24 of this document for the W12 enginefile:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/crl-laa/My%20Documents/Downloads/SSP%20267_Part1_The%206.0%20l%20W12%20engine%20in%20the%20Audi%20A8%20-%20Part%201.pdf its for the audi version but the pressure switch is the same as the Bentley
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I've found what looks like a pressure switch on the engine front cover with a yellow/blue single wire connection.
But either open or closed circuit it does not appear on the dash as any fault. I beleive there is another high pressure oil switch (F22) higher up the engine? I could not open the file document you sent me. Thanks
Hello try this link