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I have an omega v6 2.6, 2003 elite, the car is mint all over

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i have an omega v6 2.6, 2003 elite, the car is mint all over but........i went to check the oil and water but saw a oily mess around the expansion tank cap, when i removed the cap the sludge oozed out. There was no over heating before, no loss of ower, no smoke, the dipstick was clear oil and no sludge around the filler neck.......................i do not believe it is a head gasket, i am not a mechanic though so tools to rest are not available..........could it be the oil cooler..........? Mick
Hi..there.. the 2.6 or y26se engine can be fairly prone to oil cooler failure..resulting in the oil in the coolant system or gathering in the expansion tank..because oil pressure is greater than the pressure in the coolant system - when the cooler fails or the seals you always find oil in the coolant rather then the other way round..Id say going by your description..there is very good chance this is your problem..the cooler side in the V of the engine this is centre of the engine between the cylinder heads..the cooler/plate is bolted to the need to get the intakes manifolds off to actually see it or be it the feed and return pipes to the cooler block itself..maybe looking a 3-4 hours job and may not include time to flush the entire coolant system out,thermostat replaced for goo measure/new coolant after system has been flushed of that contaminated oil/coolant mix etc...when a new cooler is fitted you will need new seals for it...but as above certainly sounds like the cooler is you problem..I do hope this helps
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