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P reg nissan micra 1.1 16v Cranking no start Fuel present No

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P reg nissan micra 1.1 16v
Cranking no start
Fuel present
No spark on HT lead at No. 1 Cylinder
Suspect coil pack module that's built into distributor has failed.
What else could cause cranking no start and no spark?
No engine fault light.
Car cut out whilst running suggesting coil pack module failed or maybe a fuse.
Any ideas?
Hello a failed coil pack is certainly possibleAlso check that there's power to the coil pack using a meter. If there’s 12V at the pack but no spark then check the ECU power supply (fuse and relay) and also the connections to the crankshaft speed sensor.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I had a roadside mechanic (RAC agent) to the breakdown who took about 15mins to verify a lack of spark at No.1 cylinder and cleaned the inside of the distributor cap but still no spark. He suspected coil pack.
I thought that a failing coil pack would cause cross firing and rough running before total failiure. My concern was that the problem could be with the low tension side like a crank sensor signal or ECU but the lack of an engine warning light and the fact I can't plug my scanner in to see if any error codes had been logged despite the lack of a warning light doesn't help.
One minute running fine then the next I'm coasting on to my drive and being unable to start made me think of an electrical fault on either to low or high tension side.
I'll check your suggestions and see what I find. I have ordered a used (tested) distributor just in case. Thanks
Hello coils can just suddenly fail, what you may find is it works when all stone cold but then fail as it heats up but I've known them to suddenly stop working too whats also well worth checking is the condition of the earth connection between the engine and the battery as this should be tight and corrosion free for the ignition system to work correctly
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi I've checked the fuses and the earth and swapped the relays for engine cont and rad fan and still no spark.
Engine management light works ok when ignition on (ie it goes out after a short time) so I can only say that the coli pack is the more likely of the failed components.
Just waiting on the part.
Frustrating part is the pre 2001 Nissan diagnostic plug means my scanner can't read any logged codes. I don't fancy the paper clip method of shorting two pins out.
Thanks for your input.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Used distributor/coil pack fitted and car starts.
Thanks for your help