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I have an Alfa gt 1.9 and I have a whine noise which appears

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I have an Alfa gt 1.9 and I have a whine noise which appears to be coming from the o/s engine bay. Cam belt water pump and tensioner changed along with aux belt and tensioner 2k ago the noise is only there when the car warms up and it is Rev dependant. The car drives very well no starting or driving issues no lights on the dash or error codes.
Hello I'd first try removing the auxiliary drive belt and turning every pulley and ancillary ( power steering pump , alternator etc) by hand. All should turn easily (with the exception of the AC pump) with no grittyness or wobbly pulleys- If you do find a sticky pump / alternator then it should be replaced or repairedIf the engine is stone cold you can briefly run it with no belts to see if the noise changes or has gone away, this will help show if an ancillary is the issue
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