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I have a 2012 Ford Kuga which I have had from new, and has

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I have a 2012 Ford Kuga which I have had from new, and has done 63,700 miles. Sometimes whilst driving the engine "misfires" for a second, then the ESP light comes on, followed by the Engine Malfunction Warning, apart from the misfire, the car does not go into limp mode and the ESP light goes out. This has happened a few times, and at different speeds. I have taken it to a local mechanic who has put the car on to a diagnostic check, but with no obvious cause of the problem. Your advice or guidance would be welcomed, many thanks.
Hi there Rob , good morning to you and sorry for the delayed response
My name is ***** ***** I would be happy to offer you some technical assistance with your concernDo you still requires assistance with this issueIs this a 2.0 tdci
What type of driving are you doing day to day ie: cold short trips or good motorway drives etcKind regards ***** *****
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Brian, thanks for getting back to me, I do a variety of journeys, but very few short ones under 10 miles, most are either motorway, or duel carriage ways, but the issue has never arisen when the engine is cold, on one occasion it happened halfway to a trip to Nottingham on the A1 (125miles) but the return journey was event free!
And yes I do have a 2ltr diesel model (Titanium X) hope that helps?
hi Rob thanksOk your ESP light in combination with a engine systems fault is most commonly down to faults that are picked up by the PCM that would alter the value of torque compensation (torque demand/power)the ESP light would be brought on as the ESP system needs specific torque data from the PCM to ensure the ESP system works correctlyThere won't be any codes logged in the ABS /ESP module if this occursThe code will be logged in the PCM /ECU however rob what Iam seeing a lot of with the 2.0tdci (dw10 ) is that after the vehicle has been keyed off it doesn't store the code (thus the common reason there are no codes logged )In most cases with intermitent issues like this Rob I get customers permission to run the vehicle for a few days (sometimes a full week ) depending on how intermitent and erractic the fault is
I do this with the diagnostic equipment attached as so when the ESP light appears I can check the fault code without keying off (this has caused me a few headaches over the last few years as sonetimes the codes stay logged and other times they don't )
Even out ford software doesn't retrieve themOk This issue is most commonly down to an engine management /boost issue fault ie: (small split in the intercooler Hose /turbo pipe work or a turbo boost solenoid issue/sticking turbo vanes
This Can impact the torque demand of this engine management systemThe PCM will picks up a torque /demand fault and trigger the ESP module to bring the warning light onThis is a safety strategy of the vehicle and not one most technicians would know of off hand and would suspect there is a ESP faultI would visually inspect the intercooler hoses firstly as small tear /split in the hose can cause this concern and is commonly the front intercooler hose that attaches to the throttle body /inlet manifoldThen ideally a proper ford diagnostic fault code check (if this hasnt already been done to clarify if any engine management fault codes are logged which is logged ie:most common code is p0299 turbo under boost
This is an imperative part of the diagnostic as some smaller scanners cannot retrieve certain manufactors codes
I feel exactly where you are with this type of issue as I deal with them day to day and they can be time consuming to diagnose due to there intermitent natureIf you need anymore help or advice on this issue going forward Rob please let me know
If you are completley satisfied with my answer /advice
Kind regards ***** ***** and have a nice day
Any postive feedback is greatly appreciated
We can continue on this same postBrian
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