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We have a Kia picanto automatic which has just started making

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We have a Kia picanto automatic which has just started making a squeaking noise on accelerating. It sounds to be at the front wheel side. We have just taken a long journey of about 400 miles and will have to do return journey tomorrow. Question is really should we try and get someone to look at it today at the weekend or whether we would be safe to drive. Squeaking sound has been intermittent for a couple of months or so. Car is around 11 years old.
Hi..there.. Id say as for pieace of mind it maybe worth at least finding someone to maybe give it an inspection..if you've done 400miles in it already with the same issue..then i cant see why it wont be safe to drive..but the things at least worth having checked out is the belts on the engine / brakes,especially pad thickness aswell as the disc surface condition/backing plate.aswell as arotuine inspection of the suspension components/bushings for good measure especially so if the rubber bushing are drying out can tend to cause squeaking but not really something to stop the car from doing the journey back..I do hope this helps
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you. My Mum has panicked and called out the RAC. I think for her piece of mind really as to whether ok to drive back.
No can be a little difficult without hearing it for myself..but as above would be the routine checks id say as a starting point at least - your RAC patrol should be able to carry that out..... Also please dont forget to leave a rating for me on the answer above.Many thanks
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you. It was a slipped fan belt. Something in connection with my Mum pushing the alternator to the max when she turns the car on by having heater / fan / rear view window heater on at max with lights on etc. He's tightened up the fan belt and said we're all good now.