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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
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Hia, I have a Rover 75 Tourer that's just failed it's MOT

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I have a Rover 75 Tourer that's just failed it's MOT on Airbag light on and front passenger indicator not working (despite changing the bulb) I live in the North East of Scotland where T4 diagnostic technicians and ex Rover mechanics are as rare as honest politicians..! Anybody able to offer any ideas..?
Hello ideally have the car plugged into a diagnostic scan tool to pull off the airbag code but whats very common with these is the connectors under the front seats become corroded so disconnect the battery and then then disconnect the seat connectors and spray both sides with contact cleaner ( not WDD40) then re-connect and disconnect several times to try and wipe the connector clean
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hia buddy,There's a section you fill in where the site asks you 'what have you tried so far'? I did say I've replaced the connectors under the seats completely already.!
Ok, I do see thatapologies in that case you do really need to get scan tool onto it as there's any number of things and you don't want to be replacing a string of parts sorry its not a more DIY answer
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hia Matt,I've found a tool on ebay that claims to be able to read codes and erase error codes etc - so we'll see - it should arrive in the next day or so..! In the meantime - any ideas on the front indicator..? It's not the bulb or the light - I've swapped with the drivers side and it's fine - I've even tried a fresh cable by passing connector plugs and nothing. The garage had spent 21/2 hours on it and they couldn't figure it out - the back and wing indicators flash fine it's literally just the front..!
hello I'd say that there must be a short further upstream for the bulb wiring , what happens if you power the front bulb from the side indicator? does it still flash too fast
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yeah all three do flash but at roughly twice the speed they should..!
hello I'd next check the state of the bulb and socket on all the locations as a high resistance on any of the sockets ( fornt, side & rear) can create this problemcheck that the bulb is the right wattage and type in all locations as if one has been replaced with an LED type often this also create this
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Alright squire that's me just finished work so with a bit of luck the global warming will let me get on without getting soaked..! I'll let you know.
understoodgood luck
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