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My 2001 T4 campervan with low mileage(64000)and 2.4 litre non

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My 2001 T4 campervan with low mileage(64000)and 2.4 litre non turbo 5 bearing diesel engine. After recent service and oil filter change etc and new alternator and batteries the red oil pressure light and alarm come on when starting from cold.Will stop after revving and not come on again until left parked until engine cold(a few hours).What is the most likely cause--a red pressure warning loght can signal engine failure!
Hi.there.. Have you checked the oil level when its cold to see what its sitting at? What oil was put in.was it a genuine filter put in?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes oil level full.Correct oil in and genuine filter.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Could the new alternator and batteries have caused the problem? It only started after these were fitted and before the service and MOT were carried out a week later.The garage knew of the problem and thought they had cured it.
Hi..apologies for the delay.. There is an off chance the wiring if i recall the red & blue or W terminal to instrument panel can cause or has been known to cause issue with the oil/buzzer warning so they have to check the plug condition at alternator aswell as the wiring from there back to instrument should have 2 sensors on that engine one on the head low pressure which monitors the pressure under 2000rpm and the other is on the oil filter housing which is the high pressure and monitors the pressure beyond 2000rpm..its could well be a bad low pressure sensor considering the fact the oil warning goes out at high they would need to check that ideally and the wiring too it..If the oil is correct and a genuine filter is installed then that can be ruled out aswell as the battery above is likely the points at which need to be checked ideally including proper oil pressure testing done to ensure they are within spec..your garage should have details on what the oil pressure bar/psi should be at cold and then when hot....
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