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My VW Polo has a vibrating noise from the engine when no revs

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my VW Polo has a vibrating noise from the engine when no revs are applied as soon as I hit the revs the noise goes
Hi..there.. Where exactly do you hear this noise coming from if possible? Is the engine literally shuddering as it idles?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
not sure the exact location of the noiseNo shuddering at all just sounds as if something is catching but its only when its ideling as soon as you put revs on the noise goes
Hi.. Ok well that maybe rules out a missfire or engine mountings etc...Id say going by what your saying it could be something on the assessory side ie: your belt side of the dont mention which engine you have..but id say at least from a starting point of view is to maybe have good listen down that area and listen and obsever the pulleys for any wobble etc..with the engine OFF inspect the belt for any markings or wear or rubbing even down the sides of the belt edge..that may indicate where the issue is..if a Timing chain driven engine then the noise "could" well be from there..if thats the case then its not particuarly good news at would mean a new timing chain/guides etc..also check your oil before hand to ensure its correct..Unfortunetaly thats about the best steps you can take from here to try and route that noise out..any garage would likely have to the same unless its obvious in front of them..but like i say key is to listen and pin it down..once you get a generalised area then make steps to inspect as much as you can see to ensure nothing in that area is loose..perferably when the engines luke warm or cold so you dont burn yourself on exhaust manifold etc..another area too with regards ***** ***** heat protection shield on manifold..
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