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I have a 61 plate Renault kangoo 1.5dci diesel. I've

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Hi, I have a 61 plate Renault kangoo 1.5dci diesel.
I've asked my mechanic for a clutch replacement quote. He's telling me I have to replace the clutch and dual mass flywheel at the same time. Is this true?
Hi..there.. In a sense its sometimes wise to consider at least quoting for the dual mass flywheel at the same time as the clutch kit...the reason being is that we dont know what extent of how the clutch has gone and what possible damage surface wise has occured to the flywheel/DMF as result of the clutch failure.overheating damage/scoring is usually the most common and this can effect the way a new clutch performs..only way they'll know that is once the clutch is out and the DMF checked surface wise ..aswell as check for sporting too much movement in which they need to measure for its axial or radial play and whether it is outside the specifications or not will rule if it needs done or not..On the other hand since the gearbox is out and the clutch is being renewed..It kind of make's sense to replace the DMF at the same you dont have issue later on with the DMF playing up and the whole job of getting the gearbox out again...I do hope this helps
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ah I see that makes more sense. I didn't get that kind of explanation from mechanic. He just said if I don't replace the dmf too it WILL just collapse as soon as a new clutch is put in. The clutch isn't actually earn at the moment. I just wanted a thorough quote from him and I didn't get that.I've been quoted over £800 for the clutch and dmf. Is that about right?
You'll probably find that vast proportion of the parts quote will be the DMF itself..They arent the cheapest of items in all honesty and thats on any Diesel that uses a DMF.just the way modern diesels are nowadays..and its always best to get the best brand/kit you can afford and the garage who does the job should ensure thats the case..dont go near cheap ones or ones from online auction sites such as ebay or you'll back to square one..seen so many times and just costs the customer more money in the process to get it repaired again with a proper brand clutch kit/DMF..... But like i say its depends on the factors of what the DMF is like when its inspected..Ive donea fair few of these..and nine times out of ten its best to get the whole lot done there and then..but its not unheard of to just put a clutch kit in without doing the DMF but only once its been deemed as passing the measurements and are within spec.but again factors such as how the clutch wore and what mileage is on the van would dictate to phone around for best quote in my opinion..if its too cheap then i would be asking questions as to where they are sourcing the parts from..
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ah I see. Okay fair enough.Definitely will be doing, thanks for your help.
No problem and many thanks for rating..if you have any further questions then just ask