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I have a Rover 618 which has a worn front top upper suspension

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Hi, I have a Rover 618 which has a worn front top upper suspension arm (wishbone) ball joint. I purchased a Delphi replacement, but the cone size on the ball joint is to large and will not fit. Suppliers I have tried only know of one size! Any suggestions? Many thanks.
Hi..there.. That not an uncommon thing to hear im afraid..ive heard of pretty much any balljoint and arm unit new do that most or all of them are about 16mm in cone size. - plus the balljoint can be got seperate from the arm but needs to be pressed in after the old has been pressed out.QH - its seems the aftermarket cone on the balljoints is just slightly to big as you found..Im pretty sure rimmer bros rover website will be the same as per above..have heard of oversized balljoints being supplied by them...the only ideas that could work for you is to maybe find a good blacksmiths or machine can maybe take a few surface millimeters off the new one to measure upto the the old cone size so it will fit the hole in no more but enough to wack it in with a heavy hammer..You'll need a micrometer to measure the width of the old one and compare it with the new one and see what differance and what can be taken off..Thats one idea..I know they share a few of the suspension parts as the 5th generation model of the Honda Accord maybe ask about that..and see what the cone sizes are on them compared with the old cone measurement....The only other solution is breakers yards maybe locally if they any 600's who may have one in servicable condition / auction websites / or specific breakers websites like below stating exactly the cone size required on the unit..
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks Robert, you have confirmed everything I have already done. I value, to an extent, your opinion but I don't feel it is worth £20.00. Please arrange a refund. Thank you.
Hi..there.. Im sure you'll understand but the options above are basically all you have, i doubt anyone will come up with another answer to your problem.I have outlined that above which i asumed going by your limited content in your question your where unaware off... We provide a service to help people and that service we provide you isnt free and takes up alot of our time working along side my own garage to post what i did as far as im concerned i find it a little insulting that you feel my advice is worthless..i do hope you will reconsider and provide a rating for at least getting help or the opinion from an actual technician in the trade in the UK..
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am sorry if you feel insulted, that was not my intention.I am a time served mechanic from 60s / 70s, so know the basics (when cars were simple!). This could be resolved by finding the standard cone size of the front top upper suspension arm (wishbone) ball joint. I would be happy to pay for that info.
You wont find the original types unless you find an original upper arm with the original balljoint - most are all aftermarket pattern parts which is why you have the issue you have finding one that fits - What is the exact cone size on the original? I found one with about 13.5mm cone*Version*=1&*entries*=0i doubt you'll get any smaller than above!Or QH parts number QSJ3282S list its as a 14mm cone i think! as far as i see most of the rest all seem to 16mm which is pretty much the same on the lower balljoint
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