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2001 nissan almera 1500 petrol, engine management light is

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2001 nissan almera 1500 petrol, engine management light is on and the car will run for about 5 minutes cut out then re start after a shote time. Where is the diagnostic socket situated? Thank you..
Hi..there.. Diagnostic port 16pin..should be located under the dash/under steering wheel opposite side of the fuse box near the pedals
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The fault on the code reader said Crankshaft position sensor A circuit. What does this mean and what is the next step?
Hi..there.. P0335 tends to relate to the crank sensor itself at fault as you highlight..normally with the issue you have with the engine cutting out..could mean the sensor itself is going open circuit and thus the ecu losses the signal and the car cuts out or albeit no spark...The next step id say would be to replace the crank and possibiliy the cam sensor at the same its been known for that code to relate the cam sensor issue also..its also known too to refer to a possible issue with the timing chain and causing a missalignment or causing the crank & cam sensor signals to run out of sync...with a diagnostic machine and scope you can back probe the crank signal wire and cam signal wire at the sensors..and run the enigne to see if both are giving a signal or not..that way you'll know for sure the crank sensors at fault if it drops out...but as above best to replace the sensor and see if that resolves the issue..I do hope this helps
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