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Does my 2008 Renault laguna 1.5dci have Dpf fitted as want

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Hi does my 2008 Renault laguna 1.5dci have Dpf fitted as want to change oil but not sure witch oil to get
Hi..there.. The oil for DPF/FAP systems on these has to be low ash content or ACEA C4 quailty - 5W/30 grade - you need roughly 4.5litres... That being said most local motor factors that do sell oil can confirm using the registration number...But as above any good quailty diesel engine oil that covers the critera above ( ACEA C4 ) will be sufficent...I do hope this helps
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
not sure if my car has Dpf. Halfords got two oil types one for Dpf and one for non Dpf. any idea if my car has Dpf.
You can normally check via the registration/VIN - like i say most motor factors will have that info..but i do know the majority of 1.5dci's in particular the Laguna do have DPF's installed...The other way is to locate the DPF down the back of the engine/'ll note the DPF below that with the pressure pipes from it leading upto the presssure sensor located on the firewall... you should also have DPF light if i recall on the rev counter near the number 2 or 2000rpm looks like an orange square with a load of dots inside..
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