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How do I know if my 2011 c4 Picasso e exclusive has stop

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how do I know if my 2011 c4 Picasso e exclusive has stop start
Hi..there.. In regards ***** *****? the stop start button/ignition or the Stop & start feature on some E or E-HDI models? What the Registration number and i can check to see if it has it...
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello Robert,thanks for getting in touch, I have just bought the car and the stop start is part of the eco setting, the dashboard eco signflashes to inform SS system is suspended but doesn't say why.The car reg N* is KR11 TXA,Hope you can shed some light on this for me,reardsSteve
Hi..there.. If and when the system is suspended it can normally means the Stop&Start has an inherint fault..thus basically the system just stops working and flags the fault message or suspended - you should have on that car if i recall on the right hand side of the dash next to steering wheel a ECO button..try pressing that on and off..if it still doesnt respond or kick in once the key is removed and reinserted to allow the Stop/start counter to zero..then there has to fault on that system im afraid..being not so reliable on those cars and other citreons it not surprising....but it also wont kick in nor operate under certain conditions like if the E Brakes applied or there is alot of damand on the main battery or charging system like headlights on and wipers/heaters,air con and such....having said that theres certainly nothing else you can do on DIY you need to have the car plugged into a dedicated citreon diagnostic find out exactly what fault is on that..the most common on these usually is an issue with the Ultracapacitor or the converter unit all of which is located behind the passenger wing inner trim and then behind a plastic cover..corrosion is usually the culprit..but as it stands the car perfectly safe to drive..but the only step here you can take from this is to find a garage with preferably high end scanner or Citreon,Peugeot Lexia 3 software diagnostics if you dont want to go near the dealer..
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