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My 2005 Passat sounds like it is sucking in a lot of air

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My 2005 Passat sounds like it is sucking in a lot of air when I accelerate. The square hose that comes from behind the dashboard and goes down to the engine is corrugate and appears to have splits in the tubing. Can you tell me if this the problem and the name of the part I need?

if you look at the attached image and the corrugated hose that runs between the airbox and the engine (marked in yellow ) this must seal as its downstream of the MAF sensor which measures the amount of air being drawn in

so if it has splits in it then it needs replacing - if you ask for the intake pipe thats between the airbox and engine you'll get what you need

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
This is not the hose I refer to. It is a square rectangular hose going down the back of th engine?


is that hose visible on teh image I posted? how big is this hose?

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