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My 2010 Laguna 1.5 Diesel started over revving a few weeks

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My 2010 Laguna 1.5 Diesel started over revving a few weeks ago. Now it has lost power and the clutch has dipped into the floor. Car wont move now but revving up. Also when in cruise control the car was over revving too. Any idea what that may be?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Could this be Flywheel or Clutch cable? Or simply the clutch itself?


Sounds like clutch failure to me or has worn out..the pressure plate maybe the reason for the dipped clutch unless the slaves cylinders bad too..if the engines just revving up without any sort of movement or responce then its likely've no alternative really but to have it towed to a garage from them to inspect the hydraulic side of the clutch release system to ensure thats ok then moving on to the clutch itself..but like i say if its been over revving as you say then id say its time for a new clutch and no doubt flywheel if a dmf is fitted which normally there will be on deisels of that age...I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
it could be Flywheel? What is DMF?

hi.. doesnt sound like flywheel to me but they have to inspect it as pre-caution for damage due the failed clutch it heat damaged or scored aswell as play in the dmf itself..because you dont want the expense of putting a new clutch in only to be 100miles down the road and the flywheel going bad if you see what i mean..thats why it something to get quotes on during the clutch renewal..your garage might advise it since the gearbox is out...unless you had alot of noise from the gearbox that changed pitch each time the clutch was depressed and or heavy vibration on the clutch pedal... DMF is Dual Mass Flywheel..

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I haven't had any noise changing gear or vibrations in clutch at all. just the over revving and loss of power and eventually the clutch pedal dipping. so hopefully just the clutch.
Thanks Robert.