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Robert, UK Qualified Car Technician
Category: Car
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I have found a Seat Leon FR with Red Solid paint. I've

Customer Question

I have found a Seat Leon FR with Red Solid paint. I've always had cars with metallic paint.
What are the down sides? Looks? Durability?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 1 year ago.


It will have some positives over mettalic paint with regards ***** ***** can be alot harder to touch up and repair if its scratched..with solid red it can be a little easier if the exterior paint colour is matched correctly according to the shade it is and not by the colour code on the sticker or as it was when it rolled out the car paints can tend to fade a little over if touch up was needed you'd match the colour it is now...solid paint car can look alot brighter especially red..It can be known for red to especially fade..but this is dependant mainly on what polish's are used if any..t-cut is the worst to use on these..but nowadays the paints are alot better to protect from UV..unlike it was years ago when red would eventully turn pink in some cases.... downsides? baiscally the value appearance where a metallic paint might bump the value up a little over a solid red..I do hope this helps