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I have a Mazda 6 (2014) and I have been a total & worried I

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Hi there. I have a Mazda 6 (2014) and I have been a total idiot & worried I may have seriously wrecked my car!
Few weeks ago light came on to say 'oil pressure low, check oil levels'. I did but mis-read the dipstick (it was on the groove & I mistook that for the minimum & naturally thinking it was low in the first place, topped it up a little - told you I was an idiot) So now I've been driving around with too much oil and the light still (I had thought it was a matter of re-setting like the tyre pressure light after getting a new tyre) & would get around to it eventually!
Car is driving as normal, no noticeable issues but I'm now terrified as to what has happened. Is it simply a case of getting the oil drained or will I have likely done some real damage already?


If it driving ok and no smoke out the tail pipe then i doubt any damage has been caused so far - I think first off you be in your best interests to get the oil and filter changed rather then just drain off..least then once that done then investigate the reasons why the oil pressure warning is flagged if its not solved by doing the above..they need to test the oil pressure is within spec..although its quite a common occurance for the oil pan oil strainer to become blocked causing a oil pressure that maybe something that would need to be looked into..I do hope this helps.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you! I hope there hasn't been too much damage done!

No is ay its best maybe to get the full oil/filter done..ensure it is the correct oil if a DPF is fitted to the car! and then take steps after which to ensure the oil pressure is within spec..if not then they may have to check that strainer within the sump....In the mean time please make sure you left a rating for me before you log out ..much appreciated

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