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Peugeot 308 diesel automatic 1.6 hdi Lost power on motorway

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Peugeot 308 diesel automatic 1.6 hdi
Lost power on motorway couple weeks ago - could only motor 20km/hr.
stayed overnight in nearest town.
Next morning esp light went off, then engine management light disappeared from dash.
Drove home after phoning my mechanic.
He diagnosed my car's "Continental" fuel injectors faulty - one elactrical, other mechanical fault.
replacing both today.
I didn't fill petrol instead of diesel, but could unwittingly filling up with laundered diesel cause this damage?
Is it likely that other two injectors will need replacing too in order to prevent accident if car loses power again?
If I add diesel cleaner fluid, will it help prevent further damage to fuel system and lubricate it?
Kind regards,


Electronic fault on an injector wouldnt likely be cause with filling up with laundered deisel or Red diesel etc...a mechanical fault could be cause by filling with petrol but normally it would get the fuel pump first before the injectors give out...I asume they replaced the fuel filter as standard precaution after the injector replacement..if not? might be worth doing.i dont see why the other 2 would need done too..if the two faulty ones have been replaced and the car runs could of course use a good quality diesel injector cleaner if required..but you have to remember the diesel has its own lubrication too..albiet avoid supermarket diesel and try higher premium diesel for the time being....I do hope this helps..If you require to ask anything further then please continue....If not however please dont forget to leave a rating before you log out

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi.. and thank you,
If I may just follow up with more please to get your opinion?
I collected car from my mechanic yesterday evening.
He actually decided not to replace injectors. He wiped the fault history clean, replaced fuel filter, added diesel cleaner (Pro Tec), test drove the car and then rechecked for faults with his diagnostic software - no faults showed this time. He said the filter he removed had tiny drops of water in it, but was otherwise clean.
Would you be satisfied with this service choice Robert?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I will of course be delighted to leave rating before I log out.

Hi..there sorry for the delay..

Filters can be quite a common issue on the HDI's and are normally a routine replacement during a yearly service..of course if they become blocked or restrict fuel flow thus the ECU sees this as fuel pressure problem..hence you get cutting out or starting issues or generally poor responce from the in what you have done upto this point with code clearing and fuel filter change with genuine one and additive plus the test drive and re say that would generally be the best first step in trying to rectify the problem,i dont really see an issue in whats been done upto now....that being said depends exactly what the fault codes where which would of been interesting to know....Nevertheless if it hasnt resurfaced ? the problem..then it may well of been a bad filter in that case....

Robert and other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you so very much Robert!!!

No problem..glad to help..but should you need anything further advice etc..then just ask..many thanks for rating! :)