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I was driving down the motorway and the dashboard flashed up

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I was driving down the motorway and the dashboard flashed up with risk of filter blocking and antipollution faulty with both the service light and engine light showing. Have since turned off to stop but am I able to carry on driving before I get it looked at or is it urgent? The car is a Citroen c3 Picasso. Any help would be great, thanks


In a sense yes..the reason normally the message "risk of filter blocking/clogging" is because the DPF filter is maybe already partially clogged. the system measures pressure drop across the filter and when it gets to a certain level brings up the message.if the Eolys system has not been working correctly or the fluid is low or empty then the filter will block far earlier than it should do.....Sometimes giving the car a good hard run on a motorway,keeping the revs up..say in 4th gear for about 15minutes can help,because its keeping the DPF hot that helps burn off the soot content within the filter..besides if you have drivin the car on a motorway already for quite sometime and hasnt worked then ideally you would need have the car diagnostically checked to see what exactly the problem is,what the satuaration levels are in the filter/ or differantial pressure across the filter are..aswell as find out what these fault codes are thats the only way to be able to progress forward with any sort of could try leaving in 4th whilst driving for about 15minutes and see if that helps...I do hope this helps..if you require to ask anything further then please continue before you rate

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