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2008 corsa 1.4 petrol automatic. Problem appearing this past

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Hi, 2008 corsa 1.4 petrol automatic. Problem appearing this past week first thing in the morning. Will not start first turn of key. Fine 2nd turn and ok rest of the day. Can hear fuel pump running when turning ignition on. Appreciate any thoughts.


How do mean wont start? - doesn't turn over or just spins over without firing up?

Have had any warning lights up since this problem occured?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Engine spins ok, tries to fire then stalls. Then starts fine on 2nd try and ok for the rest of the day.
Always first thing in morning.
No warning lights displayed.


If its trying to fire and then stalls? could be fuel flow say at least for ruling out to get the fuel filter replaced..they are cheap enough for a proper branded one and any good garage should be able to change it out within half an hour and see how that goes..If the filter hasnt been done ina long time it could well be worth doing...of course other things do need to be checked but would need a scope or high end diagnostic scanner to check regards ***** ***** crank/cam wave forms to ensure they are in sycronised and not out due to maybe a timing issue..coolant temp sensor readings...Have you tried another key or the spare kay the car should have..just to rule out a key transponder issue with the exsiting key regards ***** ***** immobliser....but maybe try another filter and see how that goes but the next checks really need to be on a machine/scope to see whats not..i know that might be difficult for a garage to do based on the fact the car will start each time at it could be well worth looking around for reputable diagnostic tech who can come out the car whilst its cold state to plug in..

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