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I have just had the turbo on my skoda fabia tdi (1.4l 2007)

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I have just had the turbo on my skoda fabia tdi (1.4l 2007) replaced but mechanic has said that due to time I was driving with turbo not working properly, the oil is full of filings (even after two oil changes) and that the camshaft is damaged.
I know nothing about cars. The above mechanic was a friend of a friend and hardly charged me anything, think he is now out of patience and goodwill. He has recommended simply trading in the car as cost of fixing it isn't worth it. However, someone else has told me I might be able to replace the whole engine and this will fix things despite damage. If the car can be fixed for less than £1,000 then i think it would be worth having the work done.
Are you able to help?


In what way is the camshaft damaged??

How did he go about confirming the oil had filings in it? ie:- checked the filter or removed the sump?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi RobertI am afraid I don't know but I do understand that he changed the oil and the problem recurred. The sketchy information I have is that I would have been driving the car with a damaged turbo for a while and this led to further damage, including the filings being in the oil.I've been told that the car has no real power and that I can only drive it at lower speeds, essentially told that it will drive as if there was no turbo (even though turbo has been replaced).Appreciate you don't have much to go on here, if this is sufficient information to allow you to answer the query then it might be better for me to go to a garage and get it looked at.Thanks


Normally when a turbo begins to fail the prime culprit will always be lubrication problems...unless something is ingested into the vanes..But if the turbo isnt getting proper flow of lubrication to shaft/bearings then this can cause the turbo to run hot eventually destroying the bearings the vane shaft run on hence the metal shavings unless the shaft fails or siezes up....To what extent the camshaft has failed? id say that could be because the metal filings have caused scoring from grinding metal shavings around..and may not be just with camshaft..could be bottom end bearings which case id say the engine's basically trash the cost to totally rebuild that engine and clear out all those small filings would seriously out weigh the cost of putting in another engine or the value of the car even with a good running engine...........In my opinion going by what you have said.because you have had the Turbo replaced and the problem is still present..would point to another issue on the engine and not with the turbo maybe...having said that..because filings are found in the oil.which they could confirm further by dropping the sump to se whats in there..wear damage internally could already be done..I think it would be overall cheaper to replace the engine..and thats basically what you would need to ring around for locally as per quotes aswell as sourcing another engine...

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