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I have just bought a 2nd-hand Almira (petrol) 2001. It

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I have just bought a 2nd-hand Almira (petrol) 2001. It judders with every acceleration or climb, the harder the acceleration the worse the judder. The dealer fitted new spark plugs but this did not solve it. The car otherwise runs smoothly and starts without problems.


Is the car showing any fault codes/engine management lights?

How many miles?

When revving the car up stationary in neutral does it still judder?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
41,000 miles and no and no to the other questions.

Ok..Going by what you have said and the engine appears to be running ok and doesnt appear to be missfiring..normally that would happen too at idle and not just under load....the fact you dont have any eml light on nor any codes stored that is known off even in pending or history.then its sounding like the engine is ok...then id say likely source could be likely the clutch itself maybe at fault..or problem on surface of the flywheel..thats causing the clutch to judder..that could be something for a garage to maybe investigate on or certainly to rule out.aswell as checking obviously transmission.engine mounts for excess wear..that maybe transferring vibrations through the car under load..

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
ok thanks that sounds like some possibilities to go on. It's still under warranty so the car dealer will have to take a look at it. Just one more bit of info: it also judders when slowing down in any gear with foot off the accelerator (but not in neutral).

Could well the same thing..ideally you want be rulling out those areas above..but if its still under warranty which you do have 30days from purchase to allow the garage to fix the problem or ask for a refund..

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