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I have two Daihatsu Terios`s, one 2001 1.3 fwd, and a 2008

Customer Question

I have two Daihatsu Terios`s, one 2001 1.3 fwd, and a 2008 1,5
my problem is with the 2001 model, it is in fantastic condition and I want to keep, It failed its MOT, front brake discs, changed, some welding underneath, done, bottom ball joint NS, done, complete with wishbone, now I have a clunking and metalic rattle on applying and releasing the foot brake, brakes are uneffected, my mechanic has got to change one of the wishbone retaining bolts because he had to cut the one off, and fitted an almost, (but slightly smaller) bolt, but the noise is not there except when apllying or even `flicking` the foot brake,I cannot take the car back for a retest even though all the work is done because this noise has appeared since doing the work for the MOT, the driving of the car appears uneffected. seriously hope you can offer some suggestion.
Thank you in anticipation
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 1 year ago.


Maybe one suggestion would be to see if you can source another bolt for that wishbone..if the bolt is slighter smaller in diameter..could be creating a slight movement in the bushing on that wishbone when you come to apply the breaks...Another option is to get the car on a 2 post lift remove both front wheels,have the engine running put it in gear..the mechanic will then have to observe the side the noise comes from whilst someone in the car applys the breaks gently or to help reproduce the noise..for example observing ecessive pad movement within the carrier maybe due to non fitment of shims etc when the brakes are applyed