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I get a problem with my Citroen 2002 C5 -if it gets oil on

Customer Question

I get a problem with my Citroen 2002 C5 -if it gets oil on the engine rotating sensor it can stop the car - when that gets cleaned i still get it stopping suddenly - it can happen in a change down situation or for no known reason - one time a main dealer said it was sludge in the tank and charged me for cleaning it out - my own garage says its not the fuel pump because it would stop and not go again -- sometimes if it stops i get the impression if i let it settle it will start after an hour and i can get home but that could be oil on the engine rotation sensor just dripping off.
Have you any experience of this
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 1 year ago.


Engine rotating sensor?? You mean the crank position sensor?

Has any of the garages in question actually recommended dealing with the oil problem?

Any engine warning lights come on prior to the car cuttng out?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
no it happens suddenly - i have just had the sensor cleaned - when the sensor is dirty I only get a few yards or half a mile driving and have to flatbed it to my garage - now with it cleaned the problem is intermittentfor example on two occassions over the past few days - i had driven about 3 miles from my house and it cut out near the same bridge so that time the problem was time or distance related - i just started the car again and it went okthe oil problem is some stray oil from an oil leak near the rocker cover which i have cured i hopeI dont get enough time to see warning lights if they occurrthe blogs are full of the same problem and causes ranging from coil over heating , to faulty connections in the fuse board not supplying correct voltage to the sensors , to EGR? valve (i dont know if theres one in my petrol car)
one guy said he drilled a hole in the thermostat and put the fan on permantely and that solved his problemI have the car 6 years - it also used to stop generally once on a long journey (150 miles) when i changed down in traffic but it always started again after a few minutes - there would be a noticeable loss of power for a minute or two as i tried to get it going again1.
Expert:  Robert replied 1 year ago.


To me its sound like a faulty crank or cam sensor dropping out..this can cause stalling,loos of spark or injector pulse..the only way to know that or to get the car scanned as the fault happens..this means obviously driving the car whilst its on live data to watch each sensor or capture the event at which the fault happens..that means you'll be able to narrow it down further and take nessesary steps to resolve the issue..with the oil issue it possible that oil has got into the contacts on that sensor or internally and no doubt causing the fault or has continued tat being said id say by the sounds the fault its either the crank or the cam sensor at fault...I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
i would probably get an auto elec to trace the sensor and wiring back to the fuse board and look at all conections as wellI cant predict when it would happen again - i would have to buy a scanner and leave it permantely connected -its probably an expensive item - do you know of a scanner that would do the job and i wil look at itthe other approach might be to look at resistances in the sensor circuit and see if something pops upthanks
Expert:  Robert replied 1 year ago. cant do any checks unless you know what sensor or component is at do live data or capture the event will need a high end dont have to have it permantely plugged by what you have said the fault occurs often at certain times when the cars in that case any good local auto tech or electrician can do that can cheap handheld scanners to help id fault codes that might be stored..Autel do some good hand may want to look at either on ebay..but avoid chinese copies or machines sent from that region...