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Just driving on the motorway in my smart car 59 plate 1.0

Customer Question

Just driving on the motorway in my smart car 59 plate 1.0 and it lost acceleration on the motorway
Luckily I was near a service station. As I pulled up, the car lost acceleration completely and couldn't accelerate anymore and rolled to a stop.(in the car park)
When I stopped
The engine started smoking (white smoke) and the anti coolant is cold to the touch and leaking from the front
I'm thinking the engine has blown or belt has broken
Any ideas
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 1 year ago.


The water pump is driven off the main belt..if that hasnt been working properly due to either the belt failing.or as ive seen on one or two occassions the alternator pulley seizing up and thus this burns the belt out which you'll know straght away if you look at the belt and see load of burnt rubber fragments around,stuck to all the pulleys. and of course means the water pump wont turn..this will cause the car to overheat leading the headgasket failure very quickly..because there is no coolant circulation around the engine...the leak will need to be traced by performing by pressure testing the system once its been towed to a garage as this will verify if the pump has gone or leaking..they may also have to check to ensure the headgasket hasnt gone too..if it has then it maybe more cost effective to put another engine in to be honest if thats the case..I do hope this helps...

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
That's greatThanks for your help. The AA guy send more or less the same thing.
Do you know what kind of cost I'm looking at if I have to get a new engine?The Aa guy said it might also be the alternator. Are they expensive also?My smart car is the start stop version.
Expert:  Robert replied 1 year ago.

Hi..there..apologies for the delay..

Normally you would need to go reman engine..thats engines rebuilt and would be best cost effective wise to be honest...try visiting this site "click here" and see what they can do...but at this point if not already diagnosed id say you would need to rule out whats and if thats whats happened as per what i sigested above in the last post..

Alternators arent cheap maybe looking at £300-£400 for one plus the fitting ontop..which again i can be specific on based on the varied labor rates across the UK..