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Our old Symphony Autosleeper has developed what my husband

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Our old Symphony Autosleeper has developed what my husband calls a notchy second gear. We've been told new gear boxes are unavailable because of it's age, the current gear box can be 'refurbished' but there is no guarantee that it would solve the problem. Becasue if it's and our age
eeluctant to spend £1,000's on it. Can you come up with any solution?
Assistant: How many miles are on the car? Have you noticed any fluid leaks lately?
Customer: 70,000 and no leaks
Assistant: What is the make/model of your car?
Customer: It's a Renault Boxer (I think) converted to an auto sleeper
Assistant: Are you fixing your vehicle yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: Not trying to fix gear boxes outwith our skills
Assistant: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: Can't think of anything, sorry not very mechanically minded


What year is it? Reg number?

Renault Boxer?? You mean a Peugeot Boxer

Does this problem effect any other gears?

Does this problem only happen when the cold or upto running temp or both?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry both wrong it's a Citroen 1997 CC Petrol first registered April 1999. We have an intermittent problem with selecting a gear on starting up from cold (husband is now helping).Problem with 2nd gear selection is constant.


Well Peugeot boxer , Citreon relay all use the same boxes..the boxes arent uncommon for problems especailly around that model and years upto the the next version of relay vans..and most due to the syncro ring at fault in which you need to buy the complete 1st,2nd gearbox strip job so..if you did go down that road of refurbishing the need to go the full hog and replace everything while your at it..expensive considering 99% of the parts would need to come from Citreon,Peugeot itself..they likely wont sell the complete gearbox now. but they will still sell the parts...My advise...well as standard practise checks wise goes..ensure the gear selector cables arent becoming an issue..especially so over age they do tend to stretch..and thus cause gear selection difficulty..normally its the cables ends,bushings that go maybe have these checked..Next gearbox oil..has that ever been changed since 1999? if not then maybe look at see if that can help and full fluid change on the box..and then inspect the old oil for any signs of internal wear ie:- swarf,glitter metal that normally suggests the gearbox is wearing internally maybe that syncro going..other than that i think your cheapest option based on the age of the van and you intending to keep it for a while yet would be to seek out a secondhand gearbox..if quotes to rebuild the current gearbox outweights "which it probably will" the cost of fitting in another box,clutch kit ontop..

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Many thanks for your help at least you have given us more options than we had before. We now need to decide if it is financial feasible to progress with any or pension off our poor old camper van. Thanks again for your help.