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I can't open the bonnet on my 02 Nissan Almera. I don't

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I can't open the bonnet on my 02 Nissan Almera. I don't think the bonnet release cable has snapped, it may be the spring in the release mechanism. I have considered reaching up from underneath with a mini-grinder and cutting the steel catch, can that part be replaced? Alternatively, can the front grill be removed to do the same?


1st thing to try before cutting the plastic grill, is to use some long nosed pliers to grasp the cable behind the handle in the footwell and give it a tug, as often the cable just stretches and there's no enough travel in the stock handle to take up the slack and also pull the catch

if this works you can then adjust the tension at the bonnet catch

if this is no good then yes you'll have to cut your way in via the grill so you can flick the catch with a screwdriver

finding another good used grill should be straightforward and I'd expect to pay about £10 at most from a breakers yard

try these for spares:

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