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I've recently bought a 2017 spec Mazda 6 with the higher

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I've recently bought a 2017 spec Mazda 6 with the higher power 2.2 diesel engine. I've since read about the issue with unburnt diesel collecting in the sump. Have Mazda fixed that by now and is there anything I should do, in terms of driving habits, that will help to ensure this isn't a problem with my car?


there should be a revised engine software to help with this issue and it will also be less of an issue if the car is given some hard work every now and then

its when the car is used for lots of short journeys and never properly worked then it tends to be more of a problem

so I'd have your VIN to hand and get in touch with the local dealer to ensure your car has the latest engine software

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Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I've noticed the autobox changes up at quite low revs, so the engine is really only worked above 2Krpm for a protracted period on a fast motorway run. Would using the manual change on some longer drives to hold the revs to >2K be sensible? It seems the underlying problem still hasn't been fixed, because it's to do with the DPF and burn-off of soot given Mazda decided not to use adblue and can only produce more heat in the exhaust system by burning more fuel. I've been shocked that, despite a long run down into France at the weekend, and some >20mins drive out each day on N roads with speed limits of 90kmh, I haven't seen a fuel consumption indicated by the car of >38mph! My Euro4 engine in my 220CDi Merc would indicate 40-43mph in similar conditions. I just have that feeling that no-one is levelling with me on getting the best from a car that I've otherwise enjoyed driving so far.