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I have a zafira 1.9cdti. Yesterday when I started it after

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Hi, I have a zafira 1.9cdti. Yesterday when I started it after work, I heard a squeaking, not too dissimilar from an alternator belt. It went after a few minutes and it had been raining heavy so I put it down to that. However today the noise is worse and I now think it's possibly a bearing on a pulley or something but today it was also accompanied by some puffing white smoke from the engine bay around the front left as you look at it, in the exhaust manifold area. It was "chuffing" like a steam train and it smelt akin to lighting a barbecue with parafin! Both the smell and noise subside when the engine is warm. Any ideas before I take the plunge at the main dealers?


Could be pulley,tensioner,idler seizing up causing the belt the this can cause a burning smell...I do know alot of 1.9cdti's can throw,destroy their the alternator pulley due the alternator clutch mechanisim seizing and thus they loose the belt or snap it. seen that alot even on the vectra's all use the same engines as your zafira...but the alternator on them is at the back left of the engine..the only thing you have down the front is the A/C compressor..maybe the clutch pulley on that is seized..only way to know to get the belt off and then inspect each pulley by hand to see if any are struggling to turn, on the a/c clutch pulley its a ..if the main belt is looking burnt or fraying then thats what it will likely be..cant say you'd have too long before the belt goes in that it might be worth at least having someone out the car instead to check this than risk driving it to a dealer...another thing id be looking into is the timing belt..again these 1.9cdti's can have habit of seized water pumps..the pump on the them is at the front inside the timing cover...if you remove the intake air box you should be able to remove the top section plastic timing cover to inspect that....but id say or even if you want to check this yourself..get the car up on a jack,axle stand on the drivers side..remove the wheel..undertray if its still should see the main belt..start the car up and see where that smoke is coming from..give you an idea where that smoke is coming from....but id say the safest option is to get mobile tech out to it or the closest reputable garage.doesnt always have to be the dealer unless prefered..hope this helps

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Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Hi Robert, took the car to a garage, turned out there was 2 sheared manifold bolts on the head! Thanks for your reply!